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New year……new beginnings? And all that other said things that comes with it. 

The first thing i’ve had to do is leave New Years Resolutions as a thing of the past as in reality nothing i’m ever trying to achieve convientantly starts on 1st january apart from fad diets following the festive feastings.  And that right there is the problem, i’ve constantly approached New Year Resolutions like many of my failed diets as a ‘fad’ or ‘quick fix’ that never last long….At ALL.  And i now realise the moment you set your self up to approach what should be a lifestyle goal as quickie its always bound for failure. 

This time ive sat down and thought about my long term lifestyle, goals, choices which i’ve always had and then refined and listed how i intend to get closer to them throughout this year.  

In addition for the first time i’ve done a vision board which has been around for years. Oprah is constantly sharing her story about vision boards with ‘Envision your best life‘ and obviously she’s is quite amazingly successful so thought id give it a go and see how it helps me over the course of the year.  A vision board is meant to work as a visual daily reminder of what your working towards rather than a one off resolution. 

Some things i put down on mine are stepping stones to a bigger picture not just 2012. I split it into career, personal development and lifestyle. Some things are gradual changes, others more immediate or even a bit materialistic but its about what i want to achieve which is the only thing that matters. 

I chose to create mine online HERE so i can always access it wherever i am. There’s loads of other ways to do one, you could use word, paper & magazine cut outs or other websites.

Of course i had to add in some leopard print Christian Louboutins……..if anyone is willing to donate to my one pair collection HOLLA

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